Empower employee wellbeing with powerful insights.

Lumin puts the power of wellbeing back in the hands of employees. We create intuitive software that empowers teams to understand and manage their wellbeing goals and simply quantify the results to grow.

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of employees experience burnout in their jobs

- Forbes

Stop employee burnout in its tracks with our powerful suite of wellbeing tools

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of workers at companies that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.

- The American Psychological Association

Recognise and influence wellbeing trends with Arc.

The home for empowering teams to make decisions on real time workforce information, Arc provides team leaders and decision makers with the ability to see powerful insights into the wellbeing of their team. With intuitive visualisations of top-line wellbeing and culture data, teams and decision makers can now quantify wellbeing metrics and deliver real time and meaningful initiatives.

Understand workplace wellbeing trends
  • See powerful team and department wellbeing metrics.
  • Make decisions on global workforce trends.
  • Suggest meaningful changes to improve workplace wellbeing.
Empowering leadership teams in the workplace
  • Act on subjective wellbeing feedback from staff.
  • Manage workloads efficiently with real-time insights.
  • Team wide recommendations and tips to improve overall wellbeing.
Use trends to manage culture and performance
  • Empower staff to take charge of their health to improve productivity.
  • Improve workplace culture and job satisfaction.
  • Improve culture and workplace initiatives with real time feedback.

Employees globally are becoming more efficient.

With the health and wellbeing of corporate teams becoming one of the most important trends to manage in the workplace, Lumin Wellbeing is a powerful tool that can understand, manage and improve wellbeing initiatives that improve overall staff satisfaction across a variety of metrics.

Tailored UX to efficiently improve staff wellbeing.

With both team leader, and employee facing apps, our proprietary software is intuitively designed to improve employee wellbeing from the top-down and bottom up.

Engage entire teams in taking control of their own wellbeing.

With seamless tools to understand and improve a variety of wellbeing metrics, staff can go about their work days knowing their employer has their back. By integrating both a staff facing app in Phila, and an information hub in Arc, teams can now manage their health based on real-time information from both platforms.

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