We are Lumin Wellbeing.

Born out of the World’s Best Sporting Organisations.

Officially founded in Adelaide, Australia in 2018, the Lumin Group was born out of a collaborative relationship with Tour De France cycling Team, NTT Pro Cycling and global technology giant Dimension Data to create the ultimate data and wellbeing solution for professional sporting teams.

The Lumin Group immediately boasted a world class team of technologists, professional sporting teams and experienced executives who wanted to challenge the way data is collected and visualised in the professional sporting world.

Lumin Wellbeing has taken the same tools used by the world’s best athletes and sporting organisations. With industry specific adaptions, these tools empower employee wellbeing and give managers and executives real employee data to make better, faster and more accurate decisions on their team and workforce, just like a sporting team.

How we started.

Lumin Sports flagship data visualization platform ARC was launched in early 2019 as a way for technical and non-technical decision makers in professional sporting teams to interpret complex athlete and team data, to ultimately make better, more accurate and faster decisions.

Our Growth.

Once Arc was launched, Lumin continued to build on its professional cycling roots and began working with a number of World Tour, Pro Continental & Olympic Teams before expanding into AFL. Lumin launched Lumin Wellbeing in 2020 to address the influx of remote employees due to COVID-19.

Where to next for Lumin Wellbeing?

Today, Lumin Wellbeing is ready to build its global footprint in empowering global remote workforces to improve individual and company wide wellbeing. With the latest Arc data visualisation platform and numerous product releases in 2020, Lumin Wellbeing is ready to grow with your organisation.