It’s time to prioritize employee wellbeing. Are you with us?

We engage staff in their own wellbeing practices, and seamlessly quantify the outcomes for the team leaders.

The physical and mental health of the employees within your organisation is hugely important to its success. Lumin Wellbeing provides solutions to increase awareness of a variety of wellbeing metrics that lead to more efficient and engaged staff within your organisation.

Attending to your health and wellbeing is so important. During my 17 years in the AFL, monitoring my wellbeing was crucial to performing at my best and helping lead my team.

And now in business and the media, just taking 30 seconds every day to measure my wellbeing or focus on my health can be the difference to success in the office or at home.

Lumin Wellbeing has developed platforms to help drive performance and promote more self-awareness. With years of research and experience within professional sports, Lumin has worked closely with sports psychologists to develop the specific metrics within the platform to allow team leaders in business and team members to better understand wellbeing trends.

Take the time to listen to both your body and mind - it could be the little thing that makes the big difference on your own personal scoreboard.

Matthew Pavlich
Fremantle Football Club Legend, Ex AFL Great, Business Owner & Media Presenter

It Begins with Phila

At its core, Lumin Wellbeing is powered by Phila, an employee facing mobile application used daily. Phila has been built on years of research in high performance sport and is designed to train employees to become more self awareness and wellbeing conscious. Phila users input daily subjective data to gain personal insights into 6 fundamental wellbeing metrics.

  • Sleep
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Fulfilment
  • Team Cohesion

Optimise your initiatives with Arc

Arc empowers decision makers, providing solutions specifically built for all of the roles within your team. Rather than accumulating masses of employee wellbeing information which becomes a burden to manage, Arc presents this key information to management and leadership staff through beautiful visualisations to better understand your workforce wellbeing trends.

Understand and act on workforce trends

See the immediate impact of your employee wellbeing initiatives, or effects of a busy and demanding week. Empower staff to communicate honest, wellbeing and culture metrics directly to the management team to better understand the challenges your team are facing and work through solutions to boost satisfaction and engagement.

Improve Employee
Improve Engagement
and Productivity
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