We collaborate with teams to give every decision maker the tools to interpret team data.

The tech company that understands employee wellbeing.

Lumin Wellbeing is focussed on giving decision makers real employee data, in real time so that better, faster and more informed decisions can be made on:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Employee Wellbeing & Culture
  • Workforce Trends

Make Better, Faster, More Accurate Decisions.

Monitor in real time team wellbeing, such as mood, stress and motivation. Team managers can use this data to address team concerns as they arise and implement regular initiatives.

Track Effectiveness of Management & Corporate Initiatives.

Give management regular feedback on implemented initiatives to ensure that they are achieving their purpose and anticipated outcomes. Track the adoption and continued use of corporate wellbeing programs.

Understand Global Employee Trends.

Understand and see unique trends in your department, regional and global workforce. Use this data to influence corporate wellbeing programs and aid team wide conversations.

Improve employee wellbeing
Reduce time to make decisions
Improve decision accuracy

For Employees and Decision Makers.

Lumin has a soft spot for employees. We know that the best way to gather rich data is to make every team member feel a part of the data collection and decision making process. Our tools give employees the ability to view and analyse their own wellbeing data, increasing team cohesion and improving compliance

Design & User Experience Focussed.

Design and user experience are at the forefront of our minds. Data doesn’t have to be complicated. We are continually innovating to find the best ways to collect and present team data so that users can make faster and more accurate decisions.