We Understand Wellbeing.

Born from years of research and experience in the World's best Sporting Organisations.

Officially founded in Adelaide, Australia in 2018, Lumin was born out of a collaborative relationship with Tour De France cycling Team, NTT Pro Cycling and global technology giant Dimension Data to create the ultimate data and wellbeing solution for professional sporting teams.

Lumin immediately boasted a world class team of technologists, professional sporting teams and experienced executives who wanted to challenge the way information is collected and visualised in the professional sporting world.

Lumin Wellbeing has made industry specific adaptions from the world’s best sporting organisations along with over 35 years of research and work from psychologist Dr. Tom Patrick to develop tools to empower employee wellbeing and give managers and executives real employee information to Listen, Understand and Influence their employees wellbeing.

I learned early on in my career that the earlier we identify mental health and wellbeing challenges the better we are able to deal with them. Close and considered monitoring has always been an important aspect of my leadership and professional practice whether it is supporting high performance environments as a sport psychologist or in my leadership roles where I have a responsibility to ensure everyone in our environment is fulfilled, challenged and well both physically and mentally.

Lumin Wellbeing's platforms support this perfectly. Wellbeing and performance are not mutually exclusive. In fact, I have never been a part of an Olympic podium performance where the coaches and athletes were not well. Wellbeing is the foundation from which tremendous things can happen.

Dr. Thomas Patrick
Director of People, Wellbeing & Performance at Lumin Wellbeing

Lumin has built solutions for all of your team members to better understand and influence Wellbeing.

For Employees

  • Self-reflection - Phila daily check-in’s and the Phila weekly evaluation encourage employees to self-assess and think about how they are feeling and why. Self-reflection can enable employees to highlight their strengths and acknowledge areas in which they can improve.
  • Self-awareness - What drives, motivates or stresses employees? By asking these questions employees can learn more about how and why they respond the way they do in particular environments and situations. Improved self-awareness can help users become better colleagues/friends/partners.
  • Communication - Phila can open the door to better communicate with staff, team leaders and management. Feedback via the weekly evaluation can help employees communicate their thoughts and feelings on their own performance and that of the team.
  • Engagement - Improved self-awareness and improved communication can lead to increased engagement within the team at work, but it can also lead to a better understanding of self outside of work. Lumin Wellbeing has a holistic approach to wellbeing that aims to impact positive results for employees that flow on outside of the workplace, leading to feeling more connected in all aspects of life.
  • Fulfilment - Everyone wants their colleagues and managers to achieve positive outcomes in work and in life. Lumin Wellbeing can help facilitate better communication and engagement to help employees feel more fulfilled in their role.

For Team Leaders

  • Listening - Great leaders listen. Through the Phila app employees are providing daily feedback, so observe and listen to your team. You might choose to only use the Arc dashboard once a week for 5 minutes on Monday morning, but this gives your team a voice around how they are feeling. Managers who listen are open to learning more about those employees who report to them.
  • Understanding - The best managers are those who understand their team and identify that every team is made up of individuals. By better understanding what each employee is feeling and saying helps a manager to be more in tune with the needs and concerns of the team.
  • Influencing - Leadership isn’t about authority, it is about influence. Lumin Wellbeing can help managers to drive culture and create a more engaged workforce through open communication and collaboration. Ask yourself would you want to be managed by you?
  • Improving - If all employees were high performers and could manage themselves there wouldn't be any managers! Use the Arc dashboard to reach out to those employees who could benefit most from you checking in with them. Improved communication can identify pain points with your team and also help to build trust. No manager is perfect and no team is perfect, but the better leaders are those who are always looking for improvement. How can I help those I lead better?
  • Collaborating - A good manager’s gift is their willingness to share. Your team is sharing their thoughts and feelings every day via the Phila app, so build trust and culture by collaborating with your team and share the vision of what you want to achieve as a team and how you hope to get there. Strong communication creates a strong and engaged team. And remember a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

For HR & CEOs

  • Show you care - Employees are going through the biggest workplace shift in their lifetime. Support them, value them and give employees the tools they need to look after themselves and to have the best chance to succeed.
  • Drive a better culture - Happy employees are productive, loyal and take less sick days. Usually people quit their manager, not their job. Lumin Wellbeing gives managers another tool in their tool-belt and gives employees a voice to instigate change for the better.
  • Real-time employee feedback - Get a far better understanding of employee satisfaction through daily Lumin Wellbeing updates. Annual employee surveys are a snapshot in time and produce unreliable and outdated information.
  • A more productive and engaged workplace - This is what every business unit is ultimately working towards, and Lumin Wellbeing gives you to the tools to help build it. Better staff engagement benefits almost every aspect of the business.
  • Employer of choice - A 2016 study by the American Psychological Association concluded that 89% of workers at companies that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their companies as a good place to work. The competition for attracting the best talent is ongoing for all businesses, making employee wellbeing a wise investment for your business.

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